Yogi Bryan Presents...

Meditation to Release C*ntiness

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A Meditation to Release C*ntiness

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Meditation Description:

In this meditation, you will be guided to deeply relax your mind and body through soothing breathing exercises. The instructor's calm voice aims to help you feel safe and at ease. You will then be guided through a visualization to identify any stressful feelings, trauma, or situations that have been holding you back. Next, you will imagine sensing the shape, color and texture of these negative emotions in your body. Finally, the meditation guides you to feel an element from the center of the universe enter your crown and destroy the feeling, helping you release it from your mind and body. By the end, you should feel a sense of release and be able to breathe more freely, having let go of what has been unjustly contained within.

The only place to find Yogi Bryan's R-Rated content is inside his private meditation library

**The replay of the live hypnosis meditation today is included when you buy the Release Your C*ntiness meditation**

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